Thursday, October 20, 2011

Changing things up

Hi everyone. I'm still here. Still watching movies and knitting and knitting while watching movies. Still traveling and taking tons of food photos. Unfortunately, I've spent less and less time on a computer for personal stuff. Don't get me wrong -- on a normal day at the office, I'm doing nothing BUT be on the computer. However at work, not only do I expect everything I do to be tracked, but I don't have much time. I sometimes wish I had a job like some of my friends who once their work was done, they could browse, read, or write to their hearts content. Ah, that life wasn't in the cards for me!

Anyway, I've had my Droid phone for just over a year and it's been able to do just about everything I've wanted to do online *except* blog. So, as you can see, blogging has completely fallen off of the radar.

Now, I'm hoping to change that. I've griped before about the Blogger app being horribly limited in its ability to place photos in each entry's narrative. Sadly, nothing has changed for me on that front. The Blogger app still sucks. My solution for this is to attempt at writing more in a short story format and not rely so much on pictures, fun as they might be. If I have something truly peachy-keen to share, I'll find a way to post it. Can't guarantee that it'll be pretty, but at least it'll be here.

Also, we can both plan that Auto-correct will screw me over time and again. So, please trust me when I say up-front that 1) English is my first language and 2) no, I probably didn't mean [insert random word here].

Stay tuned, the knitting adventure continues....

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